KASPAR Empowers Physicians To Be In Private Practice

4 Tips For Increasing Your Patient Retention Rate


One of the most important aspects of running a successful private medical practice is patient retention. Some practices focus on generating new patient leads and don’t put enough effort into maintaining their current patients. While gaining new patients is a wonderful thing, you should never forget the power of having loyal patients. Some patient loss is unavoidable, but there are steps you can take to improve your patient retention rate.


5 Things Every Physician Should Know About Practice Management

The role that private medical practice management plays is a crucial one. It can provide the necessary support, assistance, resources, and education to allow physicians to commit their time to patient care instead of administrative duties. In fact, it’s estimated that for every minute a physician devotes to caring for a patient, they spend two minutes on record keeping and other responsibilities. (more…)

4 Keys to Opening a Successful Private Practice

Thinking of opening a private practice? In a time when hospitals are trying to absorb privately-owned medical businesses and franchises, it’s more important than ever to open one. Medical clinics are convenient for patients, are usually conveniently located, and place a large importance on human interaction and care. (more…)

KASPAR Practice Management: An Origin Story

Several years ago, our founders, Dr. Samer Kassar, a board-certified neurologist, and David Pareja, an experienced and expert medical operations professional, realized there was a dire need for the responsible, efficient, and effective management of private medical practices in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. (more…)

Four Ways KASPAR Practice Management Can Help Improve Your Clinic

Providing the best patient care is the primary responsibility of any physician. But for private practices, the challenges of running a business can not only be difficult, but they can even lead to a reduction in the quality of care that patients receive. (more…)

Top Reasons to Let KASPAR Practice Management Empower Your Private Practice

Whether it’s mounting paperwork, confusing and onerous billing systems, stringent insurance policies, or avoiding liability, running a private medical practice is no easy feat. Thankfully, KASPAR Practice Management has the tools necessary to streamline your practice and provide more opportunities for business growth.  (more…)

Why Private Doctors Have Been Partnering with KASPAR Practice Management

Over the past year, our KASPAR Practice Management system has proven itself over and over again, pleasing private doctors, medical staffs, and patients across the United States. When an existing medical clinic transitions to a franchise for private physicians and entrepreneurs, it does more than increase operational efficiency—it associates with a successful system and a national brand.

Honest Dialogues

Because of the testimonies and growing evidence that franchising increases efficiency within an existing private practice, the popularity of franchising is booming. Physicians within the KASPAR Practice Managment system appreciate the extent to which we listen to their feedback, as we maintain fully open and honest relationships with them and their staff. When lead doctors and medical staff feel that they can articulate themselves, and introduce new ideas, the satisfaction, synergy, and quality of their care only rises.

Cooperative Culture

When surveyed, all doctors and staff at private clinics within the KASPAR Practice Management system emphasize the stimulating and motivating effects of cooperation. By directly responding to the needs of doctors and staff, we greatly reduce the chance of conflict between employees. New clinical policies can also be implemented and adopted more smoothly in a cooperative environment, allowing staff to focus on their care—not bureaucracy.

Partnership—not Hierarchy

A franchise for private doctors will be most successful if it’s perceived to be more of a willing and equal partnership than a corporate hierarchy. Private medical clinics, overshadowed by the head of a larger medical branch, can often feel more like corporate subsidiaries than real autonomous practices. An equal relationship between a franchisor and a franchise brings the strength of both parties together.

Sharing of Latest Innovations

Once supported within KASPAR Practice Management, private doctors and clinics gain access to vendors, equipment, and medical technologies that give them an edge in their practice of medicine. Coupled with the physical technologies, our franchises employ the latest accounting and medical record software programs as well.

Doctors and medical staff express their gratitude, knowing that they can concentrate on services with the latest and most state-of-the-art equipment available to them. Our ongoing support gives clinics the optimization they deserve.

Private doctors or entrepreneurs who would like to learn more about franchising opportunities at KASPAR Practice Management can contact us at 219-200-2888.

How to Streamline Your Private Clinic’s Daily Operations

It’s no exaggeration to say that a doctor and a private medical practitioner’s most valuable asset is their time. When doctors find themselves burdened by the monotony of the day to day, feuding with a lab or manufacturer for the medical supplies that their clinic needs, they cannot devote their effort to the work that means the most to them—seeing, and caring for their patients.

Being more aware of workflow and productivity processes, private medical practices, clinics, and hospitals can boost morale and patient satisfaction in less than a year. Restricted as physicians may be by regulatory or administrative responsibilities, a strategy can be implemented—like our KASPAR Practice Management franchise model.

Identifying the Workflow

Although sometimes challenging, it is highly beneficial to one’s own personal and organizational productivity if responsibilities and activities become mapped and examined from a more objective perspective. You want to analyze and map out every step, of every procedure—be it the medical or the marketing. According to our KASPAR Practice Management specialists and U.S. medical experts, some of the key areas include:

  1. All steps from a patient’s arrival to their departure.
  2. All aspects of the billing cycle, payment posting, and reimbursement processes.
  3. Initiating, and concluding each clinical procedure.

Analyzing Your Practice’s Processes

As you deconstruct the daily activities of your private practice, be mindful of the ways in which a doctor or employee affects the greater whole. When KASPAR Practice Management consults with doctors and private medical practices, our specialists encourage physicians and staff to visualize every individual bit of their workdays.

By visualizing and re-designing operational workflows, private medical practices within Chicago have radically transformed themselves, the atmosphere, and environment of their workplaces.

Directly Inspiring Your Clinic to Succeed

If there’s ever a hurdle in streamlining your clinical operations, it’s being able to admit that each employee and process is not perfect. In the corporate world, this means buy-in. You want every employee at your clinic, including your lead doctor, feeling that you have a proven methodology and a sense for the efficiency of your operation.

Instead of relying on Staffing and Human Resources firms, you can partner as a private medical franchise of the KASPAR Practice Management system reaping all of our expertise and mastery of workflow and operational efficiency.

What You Should Ponder Before Opening a Private Medical Practice

As we near the end of 2017, we here at KASPAR Practice Management want to discuss all the opportunities for private practice doctors and entrepreneurs who want to open or convert medical clinics of their own.

Conceiving and Implementing a Profitable Business Plan

Your average doctor may not be a salesman or woman at heart, but like any business, a medical clinic must maintain a margin of profitability. Without conceiving a proper business plan, doctors find themselves muddled in the minutiae of staffing, billing, insurance, equipment upgrades and repairs, and even marketing.

Being realistic about your business, and the costs involved in running it should be a priority from the start. Once you have an inkling of your operational expenses, you gain more leverage with a bank or investor.

Obtaining an Investment in Your Private Medical Clinic

Cumulatively, the cost of opening, staff, training, and marketing your private medical clinic could range from $100,000 to $500,000, depending on the location of your practice, the demographics, and medical market itself.

In order to succeed as a private clinic, you’ll need to convince yourself, your staff, and investors that there is a viability, and an opportunity for your practice to flourish. Ultimately, once you have a lump sum loan from an investor or bank, your monthly revenue as a practice must exceed that monthly repayment.

Securing Insurance and Coherent Policies for Your Clinic

Regardless of your vision for your medical clinic, securing insurance for your practice cannot go overlooked. By having indemnity insurance and coherent compliance policies, you minimize risk to your staff and patients.

To minimize risk, and prevent against foreseeable accidents and emergencies, you need to train your doctors and staff in best practices. Without an official means of training and educating your clinical staff, you can be affected directly by faulty medical equipment and human error. Prior to opening your private practice, your policies need to be clearly established and conveyed.

Strengthening Your Clinic with Latest Medical Research & IT

After you’ve calculated for all of your operational, marketing, and insurance costs, you’ll want to remind yourself that a private practice is only as effective as the technology and tools it has in its grasp. Today in 2017, medical technology extends far beyond machinery, encompassing apps & IT.

KASPAR Practice Management allows private practice doctors and entrepreneurs to avoid the headache and the struggle of opening and maintaining their private practices. By offering its administrative support, and high-tech equipment, KASPAR Practice Management designs medical franchises for doctors who want to excel in their field.


Kaspar Practice Management Discusses the Rising Costs of Private Medical Practices

Anyone who has worked in the medical industry within the last ten years cannot deny that private medical practices are suffering. Whether you ask neurologists, dermatologists or cardiologists, their answers remain the same: entities have intruded in the medical field too much. Between the Affordable Care Act and the bureaucracies of corporatized hospitals and healthcare providers, the cost of medicine has been rising, adding countless obstacles for doctors and their patients along the way.

The Historical Trends

Back in 2005—not so long ago—more than two thirds of medical practices throughout the U.S. were owned by a practicing physician; the remaining third of practices belonged within the charge of a hospital or larger medical conglomerate. In the 12 years since, the ratio has swung to an even 50-50, as thousands of practices have been forced to close their doors or surrender their ownership and autonomy. Part of the problem, according to physicians and our own experiences, has been the sheer burden of administration and paperwork.

The Operational Redtape

 When doctors and their staff spend hours upon hours filling out paperwork for billing, and equipment, and insurance, they simply can’t devote themselves wholeheartedly to the care that their patients receive. In some cases, practices go so far as to hire a chief compliance officer to ensure they are following government procedure. Guaranteeing reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid has also proved problematic—often meaning that doctors at private clinics are paid less than those working at hospitals, for the same medical services.

The Consequences for Care

With such enormous strains felt by doctors at private clinics, perhaps the best, and only logical step in this situation is for doctors to ponder a franchise that is assisted and supported with the administrative, technological, and commercial side of the business.

 A Solution to Bureaucracy

At KASPAR Practice Management, we’ve devised a patented system that gives practices the opportunities and resources they need to succeed and survive in the modern-day. To learn more, please browse our site.